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Perfect organisation and a first class experience!

Every drop of sweat, every one hundredth of a second, every medal presentation: we aim for perfect organisation and a first class an experience every time! We develop, produce and hire out trailers – and therefore take responsibility for the facilities and logistics.

Our trailers are used as workspaces for jury panels and commentators, as podium trailers, studio trailers and VIP trailers, and also for reporting, broadcasting, catering, exhibitions, promotion, roadshows, information displays and hospitality.

Sublime-quality LED screen

Enhance the experience and display of information at your event with our sublime LED screen.


  • 32 m2
  • P4.8
  • Full HD (16:9)
  • Suitable for use as a mobile studio, jury trailer or VIP trailer as well as for broadcasting, narrowcasting and displaying information
  • Suitable for use as a drive-in cinema
  • Suitable for TV broadcasting of major sporting events, including soccer events such as the European Cup or World Cup
  • Extremely cost-effective and easy to install
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Sublime-quality LED screen